Leading Personal Injury Lawyers

We Accept Challenges Others Refuse

Leading Personal Injury Lawyers

We Accept Challenges Others Refuse



Over $1 Billion
Won For Our Clients

Lundy LLP is one of the leading firms handling catastrophic and serious personal injury cases. Our attorneys have a vast array of experience and success in many fields, including cases and trials involving dangerous drugs, automobile, trucking and boating accidents, pipeline explosions, product liability, dangerous highways, railroads, aviation and wrongful death.

Commercial Litigation


Lundy LLP successfully litigated on behalf of our client securing a $10 Million award in connection with an oil well blowout caused by pressure from the defendant’s salt dome cavern leaking into the adjoining oil and gas fault block.

Catastrophic Brain Injury


Our client received a brain injury as a result of an explosion at a pipeline construction site.

Business Torts & Fraud


Lundy LLP filed a suit on behalf of our client for damages and lost profits resulting from the State of Louisiana’s failure to apply rules and regulations equally to all manufacturers of septic systems.



Leading Louisiana
Personal Injury Attorneys

Lundy LLP was founded in 1986 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Over the last three decades, our lawyers have represented personal injury victims and their families throughout Louisiana and across the United States. Lundy LLP is regarded as one of the premier litigation firms in the country. With an aggregate of 100+ years of experience as personal injury attorneys, we have handled thousands of cases in Louisiana and throughout the United States. No one is better prepared or has a stronger presence in court than Lundy LLP’s legal team.


Our Comprehensive
Range of Legal Expertise

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Personal Injury

Our attorneys are widely regarded as leaders in personal injury accidents cases statewide, while our focus is on helping Lake Charles Louisiana car and truck accident victims recover damages for injuries caused by the fault of others, we also help victims in Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Product Liability

Product liability cases generally fall under three main categories: Defective Manufacture, Faulty Design and Failure to Warn.  
When a corporation fails to use reasonable care to properly design, manufacture, test and inspect their products, they should be held accountable for injuries caused by their negligence. 

Business Litigation

Our firm has a strong reputation in commercial litigation. We represent businesses and individuals in commercial disputes. Our attorneys are experienced at handling lawsuits involving contracts, construction, employment agreements, intellectual property, business disputes and other complex matters.

Oil & Gas Accidents

The production of oil & gas is a dangerous profession, and when accidents occur they usually range from serious to catastrophic.  ​We care about the outcome of each and every case we take on and how each case impacts our clients’ lives. 

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Lundy LLP is a  leader in dangerous drug and medical device litigation, having represented clients injured by negligent manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for nearly 30 years. 

Real Estate

Lundy LLP has provided real estate title closing and litigation services to buyers, sellers, and commercial clients for over 33 years. If you are currently involved in a real estate transaction or dispute, speak with an attorney who has experience in real estate transactions, contracts and litigation.


Our Clients Stories

During the 2020 hurricanes, we lost everything. Our insurance company was unfair and insulting. As a result, we reached out to Lundy LLP. Matt Lundy was upfront and honest with us and didn’t steer us in the wrong direction. His staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and made us feel as if we were part of the family all while some of them were going through similar struggles. The Lundy team helped relieve a lot of the pressures of dealing with an uncompassionate company devoid of morals. If you need an honest and reliable attorney, Lundy LLP should be your first call.

DeWayne DeLatte

Matt Lundy and his team went above and beyond, to help me and my family after the 2020 storm season. Promises made, were promises kept!

Now we are rebuilding with no stress and not fighting with our insurance company. If you are in doubt about calling an attorney, Don’t be! Call Lundy LLP!

Victoria Hubble

Rudie was so easy to work with. His professionalism is unmatched to any other attorney I have ever had to deal with. He always kept me informed on any new information that came up in the course of his day. I am from out of state and we had only done business over the phone. When Rudie found out I would be in town for my father’s surgery, He went out of his way and he met me at the hospital so we could put faces with names and voices. I highly recommend Rudie for his character and his professionalism. He is awesome to work with.

Everything you did to help along the way is greatly appreciated. It’s good to know that there are people who truly care about their job and helping clients. On behalf of myself and Brandon, thank you so much!!


I just wanted to say thank you for all you did with Brandon’s case. It was so reassuring to know that I could send any question/concern via email and know you would respond in a timely manner. It felt like you truly cared about Brandon and we just weren’t another case or docket number.

Everything you did to help along the way is greatly appreciated. It’s good to know that there are people who truly care about their job and helping clients. On behalf of myself and Brandon, thank you so much!!




Advocating For People's Justice

Diabetes Drugs & Gastrointestinal Injuries

While initially developed to manage blood sugar levels in diabetes patients, drugs like Ozempic®, Wegovy®, Mounjaro™, and Trulicity® have recently gained widespread popularity for weight loss among the general population. However, their impact on the digestive system can be significant, leading to side effects like vomiting, persistent diarrhea, difficulty consuming food, and stomach paralysis.

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer

Following the 1971 study that first detected a connection between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer, many more scientific studies have been published in prominent medical journals such as Cancer, The Lancet, and Oncology throughout the past decades. The National Cancer Institute and the International Union Against Cancer have published similar findings.

Hair Relaxer Cancer

A recent National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) report has shown an increased risk of uterine cancer among individuals that use chemical relaxers to straighten hair. Individuals that frequently used chemical relaxers (often defined as 4x per year) were over twice as likely to develop uterine cancer, as opposed to those who do not use chemical hair relaxers.