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Lundy LLP is Filing Suit Against Change Healthcare on Behalf of Healthcare Providers Impacted by February Cyberattack


Lundy LLP is taking action to hold Change Healthcare, Inc. (CH) accountable for the devastating cyberattack that crippled the healthcare payment system in February 2024. This attack, perpetrated by the Russian group AlphV (BlackCat), caused significant financial hardship for healthcare providers across the country. We are filing suit to recover damages for those affected.

The Breach and its Impact

On February 21st, 2024, AlphV launched a ransomware attack on CH, a major healthcare pass-through billing company. This attack effectively shut down the largest US healthcare payment system, impacting roughly one-third of all healthcare transactions. The consequences were severe:

  • $14 Billion Backlog: The attack caused a backlog of over $14 billion in unpaid and unprocessed claims, hindering healthcare providers’ ability to meet critical financial obligations like payroll and equipment purchases.
  • Disrupted Operations: Hospitals and other providers faced difficulties processing claims, billing patients, verifying insurance coverage, and receiving essential cash flow.
  • Delayed Prescriptions and Paychecks: Pharmacies were initially unable to fill prescriptions due to insurance verification issues, and some healthcare workers faced delays in receiving paychecks.

Security Failures at Change Healthcare

The attack’s severity was compounded by CH’s failure to implement basic security measures. Notably, CH reportedly did not utilize multifactor authentication (MFA) on a critical system, a standard security practice that could have prevented this breach.

Seeking Justice for Healthcare Providers

Lundy LLP believes Change Healthcare’s negligence directly caused substantial financial losses for healthcare providers nationwide. Our lawsuit aims to recover these damages and ensure that CH is held accountable for its security lapses.

If you are a healthcare provider who was financially impacted by the February 2024 cyberattack on Change Healthcare, we encourage you to contact Lundy LLP for a free consultation. Together, we can fight for the compensation you deserve.



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