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Lundy LLP lawyers manage Exactech recall claims in all 50 states.

Medical device manufacturer Exactech issued multiple recalls related to its hip, knee and ankle implants beginning in June 2021, then in February 2022 and again in August 2022.

Hip Implants – In June 2021, Exactech recalled a component of its Connexion GXL due to the potential for premature wear. The component, the acetabular polyethylene liner, could lead to degradation of the hip implant, causing complications and the need for more repair or replacement surgeries.
August 2022 brought a worldwide Exactech notice, warning of additional risks. Exactech warned of premature wear in liners not included in its recall of June 2021. Rather than including liners of 2015 – 2021 implants, the company expanded the range from 2004 to 2021.

Knee & Ankle Implants – In August 2021, Exactech issued a “partial” recall of its knee and ankle implant inserts, noting premature wear. All inserts were not recalled. Instead, only particular shelf-life parameters and labels were recalled. The recall of February 2022 was an expansion of the August 2021 recall related to thousands of knee and ankle replacement devices implanted between 2004 and 2022. Exactech implants were found to have inadequate shipping packing that failed to shield the medical parts from exposure to oxygen before use. Oxidation from oxygen exposure can cause the inserts to expedite the degrading process, requiring replacement or revision surgery in advance of the life expectancy of the replacement part.
Many of our clients received a letter from their respective doctors about the recall and have called our Exactech claims law firm because they recently received or will need orthopedic revision surgery.

Exactech recall came after discovery of defective packaging for shipment caused the polyethylene insert component to degrade prematurely and fail. Polyethylene failure has caused or will force many of their patients to endure corrective surgery.

Exactech “failed” hip, knee, or ankle implant patients that require revision surgery may be eligible to bring a claim against the company for pain and suffering endured, as well as medical expenses leading to corrective surgery.

The Exactech recall was initiated in February 2022. Exactech provided orthopedic surgeons across the U.S. with a form letter to send to their patients informing them about the recall. Beyond providing the sample patient letter, Exactech had taken no further action to notify patients with potentially defective knee, hip, or ankle implants, leaving the vast majority of patients unaware of the recall.

Our law firm is currently investigating Exactech hip, knee, and ankle implant failure cases. If you or a family member have suffered as a result of a recalled Exactech implant system requiring revision surgery, call our defective medical device attorneys in Lake Charles, LA. There is no fee for the confidential consultation and no cost to you unless financial compensation is obtained.


How Should Patients with Recalled Exactech Implants Proceed?

The letter Exactech sent to doctors regarding the recall instructs orthopedic surgeons to immediately halt the use of Exactech implants in knee, hip, and ankle replacement surgeries. Hospitals and Doctors were also advised to return their existing inventory of recalled devices.

Exactech advises their hip, knee, and ankle implant patients to consult with their doctors for monitoring and signs of potential replacement insert failure.

Signs of Exactech hip, knee, or ankle replacement implant system failure include:

  • Swelling or pain at the replacement site (hip, knee, or ankle).
  • Inability to support weight
  • Joint Instability
  • ​Joint grinding

If failure is suspected, doctors are instructed to take X-rays to evaluate the Exactech implant

Exactech Knee, Hip, Ankle Replacement Implant Lawsuits

Manufacturers of medical devices are legally obligated to ensure their products are safe and free of defects when used for their intended purpose. Exactech’ s recall essentially admits their replacement hip, knee, and ankle implants were defective as early as 2004.

Patients that underwent hip, knee, or ankle replacement surgery with Exactech replacements implants and required revision surgery may be entitled to compensation.  Call Exactech Claims attorneys at Lundy LLP for your free consultation.

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