Types of Injury Compensation in a Car Wreck

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Recovering from a serious car accident can create a significant financial burden.  It is especially true when the accident requires an extended hospital stay followed by time off work to recover.  If you have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, you are eligible for several types of compensation.  This compensation is meant to provide you with resources you will need to recover. 

Forms of Compensation Injury Lawyers Can Help You Recover?
There are four areas of compensation in a car accident claim:

Medical expenses
Reimbursement of your car accident medical expenses can include medical costs incurred during hospital stays, attending doctor’s fees, medical equipment, medication, and physical therapy.  If your injuries require continuing medical care, you could be eligible for compensation to assist with future medical treatment and any necessary modifications to your vehicle or home after the accident.

Lost income.
Lost income compensation includes reimbursement of income for the time you were unable to work while recovering and possible future loss of wages.  For example, a contractor who suffers accident-related permanent damage in his hands or legs would likely be unable to continue building. If forced into a lower-paying job, he would likely be able to sue for future income loss. 

Pain and suffering
Pain and suffering refer to the emotional and physical distress the injured experienced in the course of the accident and the recovery process after.

Punitive damages
Punitive damages are infrequently awarded in cases involving car accidents.  Punitive damages are usually awarded only when the driver’s conduct was exceptionally irresponsible.  An example would be if the perpetrator were a drunk driver, your injury lawyer in Lake Charles, Louisiana could ask the court, or jury, to award punitive damages to prevent the perpetrator from further dangerous behavior.

Who Pays for My Personal Injury Claim?
Most personal injury claims are paid by the at fault drivers liability insurance.  When the at fault driver fails to carry insurance or has inadequate insurance coverage, your UIM insurance (uninsured/ underinsured motorist) coverage kicks in to pay your expenses.

When Do I Need a Lawyer?
In a straightforward accident, when there is minor injury, minor property damage and fault is undisputed, your claim can mostly likely be settle without legal help.  However, when your accident requires hospitalization and extensive recovery is necessary – your injury compensation case can get complicated and require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in Lake Charles Louisiana.  

Have You Been Injured in A Car Accident in Lake Charles Louisiana?
If you have been seriously injured in a car wreck you should seek the advice of an experienced car wreck lawyer as soon you can.  Consider the personal injury attorneys at Lundy Lundy Soileau and South.  Allow their legal team to help guide you through these difficult times; call 337-439-0707.  


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