What is Maritime Law and Who does it cover?

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As a costal state, many of our Louisiana residents are employed in the oil and gas and maritime industry.  While these jobs can be financially rewarding, they often include harsh working conditions subject to a unique set of laws regulating personal injury offshore accidents and compensation.  Hence, when injured, they need an experienced Lake Charles Maritime personal injury attorney to help obtain fair compensation when involved in an offshore accident.  

The maritime industry is as vital to Louisiana as it is to the rest of the world. Maritime makes trade of essential goods and services possible and is responsible for an estimated one out of every five jobs in our state. Louisiana’s estimated annual maritime income is more than 3.5 billion. 

If you consider the variety of vehicles, electronics, household items, clothes, and food products Louisianans consume, and understand the origins of the products, you quickly realize the impact of the maritime industry; as maritime shipping is the most efficient form of international transportation.

The term maritime industry, and thereby Maritime Law, pertains to sea and waterways navigation throughout the world. This industry has an economic impact of $11 billion annually in Louisiana, generating roughly $2 billion in tax revenue. In addition, The United States Department of Labor Statistics reports that Louisiana leads our country in the largest concentration of maritime jobs and is the top employer of captains, pilots of water vessels, ship engineers, sailors, and marine oilers.

Maritime occupations in Louisiana frequently involve hazardous work around heavy machinery, potential falling objects, and the possibility of fire and explosions. Due to sea conditions, work areas can be unstable, making slips and falls a common accident.  Additionally, Louisiana’s rig and offshore workers are often required to move heavy equipment and tools, exacerbating these slip, fall, and crush injuries.   

While most Maritime companies have safety protocols place, accidents still happen.

Lake Charles offshore accident law firms specialize in securing compensation for injured offshore workers under the U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act or the Jones Act; these two bodies of law govern maritime accident compensation.  

When you or a family member have been injured in an offshore accident, consider contacting the experienced Lake Charles Maritime Accident Attorneys at Lundy Lundy Soileau & South for a free consultation.  


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