What You Need to Know About Offshore Injury and Maritime (Admiralty) Law

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What is Maritime (Admiralty) Law?
Maritime, or admiralty law, is a body of laws – conventions – and treaties that govern private industry maritime business, and other nautical matters, such as transportation and shipping and infractions of law occurring on open water, including offshore injury. Law of the Sea – is a set of International rules that govern the use of seas and oceans.

Thousands of individuals work on the waterways in The Gulf of Mexico.  Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Alabama residents work on maritime vessels including drill boats, supply boats, crew boats, tankers, cargo ships, barges, dredges, and offshore drilling rigs. The work they do is physically challenging and dangerous.

Offshore workers in The Gulf of Mexico and others on our nation’s waterways rely on co-worker’s safe work practices – proper vessel maintenance – as well as the equipment they use in this dangerous environment to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, crew members are frequently injured because they are provided poor working or under-maintained equipment or lack the equipment they need to safely do their jobs.

If you have been injured on our nation’s waterways or are grieving a family member’s death from an accident that occurred on navigable waters, take action to retain experienced maritime legal representation.

Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South aggressively pursue the best interest and rights of:

  • Offshore drilling rig worker injuries
  • Port Employee injuries
  • Crew member injuries
  • Deckhand injuries
  • Commercial fishermen injuries
  • Shrimpers & oystermen injuries
  • Cruise ship, riverboat, and personal watercraft passenger injuries

The Most Common Causes of Offshore and Accidents
Catastrophic and fatal injuries occur frequently at and on offshore rigs, maritime vessels, and ports of call due to unsafe labor practices. The more common unsafe labor practices on offshore drilling rigs can include:

  • Unseaworthiness:  Vessel maintenance and cleanliness 
  • Improper, out of date, or missing equipment: 
  • Equipment upgrades, maintenance, or requirements are ignored or missing
  • Inadequate training:  Co-workers lack training in maritime equipment operation and safety procedures 
  • Safety violations: To ensure safe working conditions, the maritime industry is highly regulated. Violations of industry, state, and federal safety guidelines have the potential to result in serious injury or death.

Knowing Your Rights
Depending on where the incident occurs, the accident could fall under maritime or Jones Act Law, while others are filed under Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. The outcome of your lawsuit hinges on finding an experienced maritime attorney familiar with an array of maritime injury claims. Our firm takes the time to understand your case, identify your goals, and enlighten you of your rights. Our team will pinpoint an effective strategy to pursue your personal injury claim and make certain you have the information you need to make a intelligent decision regarding filing an offshore injury lawsuit.

Contact the Maritime Injury Attorneys at Lundy LLP
When you are injured in the maritime industry, laws surrounding your injury can be complicated, and gaining fair compensation can be difficult. For this reason, you need an experienced maritime injury law firm in Lake Charles Louisiana like Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South on your side. They are experienced in all aspects of maritime law and will ensure you are provided every protection afforded under maritime law.


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